Multivitamins: Your Secret Weapon for Better Weight Loss Results

Since the age when we were all chewing up fruity Flintstones characters, we've all been told that vitamins and minerals are important. A quick peek at the vitamin aisle of any big box store will show you that there are a dizzying number of formulas and brands available. Most people are aware that adding a multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement will help with general health, but far fewer know that adding a multi can be a big help to reaching their diet and weight loss goals.

A 2010 study split 100 obese women into 3 groups and gave them either a calcium supplement, a multivitamin/ multi-mineral supplement, or a placebo, and then monitored their weight loss over 6 months. Of course, neither the calcium nor the placebo group saw a dramatic change. However, the group taking a multivitamin daily were each able to shed an average of 3 kg (6.6 pounds) more than the participants in the other groups. More than just that, these participants had lower BMI, healthier resting glucose, healthier cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure overall. Supplementing the nutrients their bodies need helped them to lose weight and thereby improve their overall health. An earlier study even showed a reduction in appetite among participants who take multivitamins, which can help get you even closer to your health and wellness goals with little additional effort. Adding a multivitamin can help “fill the gaps” in your current diet plan, as well as providing benefits throughout the body.

M'lis Daily multivitamin/multi-mineral contains a wide variety of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, as well as superfood ingredients like alfalfa and kelp. Unlike other supplements, Daily utilizes the chelation process to bind minerals with amino acids, making assimilation by the body much more efficient. It's a great nutritional boost to help with your general health or your weight loss goals, and it's only $0.35/day. Try adding it to your routine today and see the fabulous results.

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