Product Spotlight: M'lis Total Body Cleanse

For a while now, we've hardly been able to turn a corner in the digital universe without hearing about this or that celebrity losing a ton of weight by doing this juice fast or that “cleanse.” Queen Bey herself made “cleansing” with a blend of cayenne, honey, and water popular for a while, which raised concerns at the time. Is this safe?

The problem with most of the products or techniques you see online is that they are not really cleanses at all. Most, like the cayenne and honey/syrup variety, are just extreme fasts that don't create a cleansing effect of the digestive system and don't provide vital nutrients to support your body. Of course you can lose weight when you completely stop eating, but at what cost to your body and to your long-term health and goals? These fasts, especially since they are not usually supervised by a doctor, can be very hard on the body's systems.

M'lis Total Body Cleanse is different. First of all, it is a true cleanse. The ingredients it contains help to gently perform a clean sweep of your digestive system. Think of it as “hitting the reset button” on this vital system so that you're refreshed and ready to perform better in achieving your goals. Also, it contains ingredients like marshmallow root, which soothes the stomach and intestines as the product works, preventing the irritation and other negative digestive side effects that are common to the fasting methods.

Plus, the Total Body Cleanse Kit comes with the M'lis Essential Greens drink mix. Filled with pH-balancing nutrients, body-cleansing chlorophyll, and health-loving greens, this nutritional powerhouse helps to support your body during the Total Body Cleanse. It's also packed with superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, red beet, and more.

These two products combine in the Total Body Cleanse Kit to give your weight loss program a safe and effective jump-start. The whole cleanse lasts just a week, which is hardly any time at all when you think of how long you'll be looking and feeling fabulous once you reach your goals. If you're interested in the cleanse, click through the link above and pick up a kit today. If you have questions, get in touch with your M'lis representative at Lora's Lifestyles. You can call (701) 452-0116 or drop us a line on Facebook:

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