Wellness is a new Habit

 It's an oft-quoted factoid that Benjamin Franklin used to carry a card in his pocket when he wanted to start a new habit, marking off 21 days of practicing the new habit so it would be an established part of his routine. This has led many to say that 21 days is the time it takes to start a new habit. Others in the field of psychology say that starting a truly lasting routine takes up to 12 weeks, and there are estimates everywhere in between for how long it takes a change in our lives to really “stick.” One thing that intimidates many people about making change is the “New Year's Resolution” mindset. People think of the last time they tried to start a change January 1, how everyone was failing all around them, and how eventually they stopped working on the change because they hit a snag in the routine. It really can be one of the worst times and worst environments to make a positive life change.

We all know that wellness is a commitment; eventually it will be a lifelong habit to make the best choices and to use the best products. “That's great,” you may say, “and I'm ready to make that happen, but 'lifelong' is a really long time. What is the minimum I need to be able to do this before I can start to feel like it's a habit?” The honest answer is the least satisfying: it varies from person to person. Too many times, we get bogged down by looking at how long it will take to see results, how long it will take to be a routine, and how many things could go wrong between now and that future date. The more important thing is to realize that you will, for whatever reason, miss a workout or forget a dose of a supplement or have a cheat meal. Accept that it will happen and decide in advance that it doesn't have the power to derail your entire wellness routine. It's a bump in the road, not a roadblock.

The most important thing you can do in forming a new wellness routine, no matter what it is, is simply to START. Do it today. Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your overall health, or work on a particular issue, you can't form the vital wellness habits that will make you feel so much better over time if you don't start. Rather than getting distracted by how long you need to do something to see results or how long it might be before it feels automatic, just focus on starting. Focus on doing it today.

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