Meal Replacements Really Shake up Your Weight Loss

Seeing a result quickly can be very motivating in any endeavor. Whether it's experts in productivity, tidiness, or weight loss, nearly everyone agrees that doing something at the start of a long project to give yourself a sense of accomplishment can yield big results in the end because you're less likely to give up from not seeing progress. Losing a large amount of weight can be a very long-term goal and means lifelong changes. A quick loss of several pounds at the start can be very motivating for someone making this kind of change. If someone just wants to take off a few “vanity pounds” for an event or for the summer bikini season, they certainly want fast results. What can provide fast, exciting results in both cases? Meal replacements.

A report in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders pooled data and meta-data from 6 different studies. Participants had been assigned either a partial meal replacement (PRM)(1-2 shakes per day) or a reduced calorie diet (RCD) and were evaluated over 3 months and 1 year to check their sustained weight loss results. Participants prescribed either the PMR or RCD treatment plans lost significant amounts of weight at both the 3-month and 1-year evaluation time points. All methods of analysis indicated a significantly greater weight loss in those receiving the PMR plan compared to the RCD group. Depending on the analysis and follow-up duration, the PMR group lost approximately 7-8% body weight and the RCD group lost approximately 3-7% body weight.

This is a huge difference in long-term results for making a simple change. Remember, the participants in the PMR group were not “living on shakes;” they just replaced 1-2 meals per day. You could easily make this change by grabbing a shake during the rush of your morning routine and achieve several benefits at once as you save time in what is usually a rushed time of day, save energy and stress as you don't have to cook yourself breakfast while you're getting ready for the day, and increase your productivity at home as you use that time for another purpose. It's an all-around win. Or, you could save time and money by making a shake your lunch option, freeing up your lunch break.

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