Exfoliating Without Harming the Environment

Microbeads have been all over the news for quite a while. First, everyone from fashion magazines to dermatologists were celebrating the ability of these little plastic spheres to gently exfoliate. Microbeads were used as a milder abrasive anywhere that natural materials like nut shells or clays were too harsh. They turned up to provide polishing power in everything from facial cleansers to toothpaste.

Then, it became apparent that this polishing wonder had some drastically negative effects. The beads were causing blockages in municipal water systems and were showing up in sand on beaches as well as inside fish harvested in the oceans. The tiny beads were ending up everywhere, and since they don't biodegrade, some of the damage may be permanent. A law passed at the end of 2015 bans the beads, giving manufacturers until 2017 to phase them out.

As someone who cares about the environment, how can you get great, gentle exfoliating results without using a product that trashes ecosystems? Turn to M'lis Buff Body Exfoliator. Buff is a stimulating enzymatic scrub that works to rejuvenate skin cells and remove dry, damaged skin. The all-natural formula uses enzymes to gently renew dull, lifeless skin and restore a healthy glow. In addition to the enzymes, it's packed with ingredients like ginseng, lanolin, chamomile, sesame, and menthol to cleanse, soothe, smooth, and even kill germs, naturally. It can be used with or without water and it's the perfect way to prepare for a M'lis contour wrap.

You can order your own bottle of Buff at or pick one up at the boutique at 19 N Centennial in Wishek. Plus, if you haven't set a plan to reach your summer goals yet, get on touch with Lora. She can show you how M'lis can transform your life.

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