Accountable for Wellness, Part 1: The Power of Working With Others

Whether you groan at the prospect of working as a group on a project, or whether it invigorates you to get that synergy going with others and really blast through something, one thing is certain: when we work with others, we're less likely to skimp on our side of the project. Sure, there are those out there who will use a group setting as an excuse to slide by, but the average person is far more likely to stick to goals and deadlines when others are depending on it, or when others are keeping them accountable. This tendency can be just what you need if you are having trouble staying on track with your wellness goals.

There are lots of ways to bring the group dynamic to your wellness plan. If you're just looking to work out longer or more consistently (or even just to feel like it's not so dull), then something as simple as finding a workout buddy can make a world of difference. If you know that someone is going to be waiting on you at a specific time to take that jog, you're less likely to decide to leave your sneakers by the couch for the night and veg out. Signing up for a class can also give you this effect. You're less likely to skip a workout if you know people are going to notice your absence.

The group dynamic can also be great for getting your nutrition goals on track. Gettting together a group of friends who are all interested in improving their diets or even following the same plan means that everyone can encourage everyone else. When everyone is bringing their food journals in and talking about their choices, you're less likely to go with that splurge for dessert, too, because you know it will be noticed. Some workplaces even turn wellness groups into a competition, Biggest Loser-style, to encourage employees to adopt wellness goals and improve their health.

You don't need a huge group to see great benefits, though. Even working with a trainer or a nutritionist one-on-one can make a big difference. The idea is to inject accountability into your wellness goals to keep you on track.

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