Accountable for Wellness, Part 3: Keeping Track, on and off the Track

You're logging your meals and snacks, even the little bites on the go. What's next? It's important to know how much of an impact your physical activity is having on your progress towards your goal. This is where fitness journaling can make all the difference for your plan.

If you're keeping a paper food journal, it's easy to simply add your fitness routines like gym classes, running, or home workouts to the log you're already keeping. There are also a lot of choices for workout notebooks specifically set up for fitness journalling, some of which are tailored to specific workout types like running or yoga. Many people, though, want something that is a bit more technical when it comes to their fitness tracking.

There are tons of apps that track your workouts, and you don't even have to spend a lot to get great results. Many free options exist, like Google Fit and Runtastic. Since keeping going is more of a problem than getting started, there is also a huge variety of apps that help to keep you motivated and keep you working out. Options like The Walk or Zombies, Run! turn your walking or running workout into a game with a storyline. Fitocracy lets you get points that you use to level up, just like a video game character. If you love doing good works, there are even apps that tie your workouts to charitable giving, like Charity Miles Fitness Tracker or Walk for a Dog.

Of course, it's impossible to talk about tracking workouts without mentioning the plethora of wearable fitness trackers that are now available. Leaving the old-school pedometer in the dust, smart watches, running watches, and fitness bands now track everything from sleeping to heart rate and often have GPS. If you're looking for something that will track all of your activity and give you insights into other aspects of your health, then a fitness tracker will serve better than a journal or an app. They are available in many price ranges and with a range of features. If picking one seems a little overwhelming, Wareable did a comparison of the models currently available, and gave their recommendations.

No matter what your fitness goals, it's certain; you can't reach the goal if you don't keep working on it. For most people, that means injecting a little accountability into the plan. Having a workout buddy and tracking your diet and workouts can do wonders to get you closer to your goals. Making sure you have the right supplements and support is also important. Stop in at Lora's Boutique and Wellness today and Lora can get you started with exactly what you need.

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