August Product Spotlight: M'lis Calcium Liquid Gel Caps

We all learn as soon as we start school that calcium builds strong bones and teeth, but that's far from the only benefit to be found in this vital mineral. Preventing the demineralization of bones and teeth can aid in preventing cavities and broken bones, as well as staving off the start of osteoporosis, but calcium does even more for our bodies. It is vital for alleviating muscle pain and cramps, as well as muscular twitches and tight muscles, so making sure you have enough calcium can make your workouts less painful, and aid in recovery. This effect on muscles also means that it can reduce menstrual cramping and discomfort associated with PMS and menses. It helps to regulate levels of magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium in the blood. Calcium is vital to the clotting process, which allows for more efficient healing from wounds. Its role in the brain has an impact on moods, helping to alleviate nervousness and hyperactivity.

Proper calcium levels in the body are vital for many areas of good health, but the body can't efficiently and effectively utilize all of the calcium we ingest without the help of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a pro-hormone vital for the proper absorption and use of both calcium and phosphorus by the body. It also aids in preventing colds, Type I diabetes, some forms of cancer, and multiple sclerosis. It has crucial roles in support of the immune system, the brain and nervous system, heart and lung health, and regulating insulin levels. Vitamin D deficiency has been seen in up to 80% of hip fracture patients.

The best supplements combine both calcium and vitamin D to ensure our bodies can best utilize the synergy between these two vital nutrients. M'lis Calcium Liquid Gel Caps takes this one step further by using easy to swallow, easily digested liquid-filled capsules to deliver high-quality ingredients. Many calcium supplements are large, hard to swallow, solid pills that are so hard to digest that they can cause stomach upset and other side effects. M'lis Calcium Liquid Gel Caps are easily dissolved in minutes, so there's no stress on the stomach. The ingredients are easily absorbed and utilized by the body much more efficiently than those in solid pills.

Try M'lis Calcium Liquid Gel Caps today. You can order them at or pick them up in person at Lora's Boutique and Wellness, 19 N Centennial St. in Wishek. If you're ready to make a commitment to better health and you need guidance as to what products and plan would be best for you, schedule a consultation. Lora would love to help you live the best, fullest life by reaching your health goals. You can schedule an appointment by calling (701) 452-0116.

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