Give Yourself a Head Start, Part 2

Tearing through a to-do list can be remarkably satisfying. There's something about finishing the steps on your way to a big goal that really builds momentum and energy as you go. It really gets easier to work on a goal or task list the further you get into the process of doing it. This leaves one big hurdle, though: getting started.

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a little head start is to plan ahead while you're setting the breakdown of a bigger goal or when you're putting together your to-do list for the day. Make the first thing you're doing on a project something that is relatively easy to finish and that you're likely to do without much of a struggle. Once you finish that task, you're now far more likely to move onto the next task and the next. This technique has been shown in multiple studies in the world of business to boost productivity on large projects, but it can also help you with your fitness goals.

For example, if your goal is to incorporate more exercise into your routine, but it's a bit intimidating to plan to go to the gym after work each day this week, you can use this technique to boost your chances of getting it done. Plan something smaller into your to-do list for your fitness goal each day: “Today I will take the stairs,” or, “This week, I'm going to take a walk on my coffee breaks.” Then, when it comes time to do the bigger step and go to the gym, you're more likely to think along the lines of, “Well, I already got step one on today's fitness plan done, so I may as well go on to step two.”

Another great way to plan out your fitness and wellness goals is to have a coach by your side helping you to stay motivated. Get in touch today and Lora can help you on your way to achieving your wellness goals, whether they be weight loss or other health boosts. The combination of M'lis products and Lora's expertise is exactly the head start you need.

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