How Sweet it Is

By now we're all aware that one of the easiest ways to derail our weight loss goals is a sprinkle at a time: the sprinkle of sugar on our oatmeal in the morning, the spoonful in our iced tea, the packets in our coffee. When you add them all up, it can be a significant number of calories over the course of the day. Non-sugar alternatives can be tempting, but there are myriad choices, each with their own drawbacks. Artificial sweeteners, novelty sweeteners, and sugar alcohols have side effects. Some can increase appetite, other options can cause stomach cramps, still others can lead to headaches or other health issues. It's hard to know what to choose.

One all-natural option for sweetening is inulin. It's a plant-derived fiber that acts as a gentle prebiotic, supporting the natural bacteria in the digestive system. Unlike options that act as "super sweeteners" that are much sweeter than sugar, inulin is about as sweet as real sugar. Unlike sugar with its empty calories, inulin provides soluble fiber which helps you to feel full longer and which aids the digestive process. Soluble fiber is important for health, digestion, and preventing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, diverticulitis, and constipation.

M'lis Sweet uses inulin to provide the sweetness you want in drinks, cereals, and other foods without the side effects of other sweeteners. You can use it as a guilt-free alternative that not only adds sweetness without calories, but also provides the health benefits of a boost of soluble fiber. Each bottle is 80 servings and you can use it like any other sweetener in all your favorite foods. Check it out today at, or in person at 19 N Centennial Street in Wishek.

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