New at Lora's Boutique: ZYTO Scan!

Maybe you've been following the blog or researching what's available at, and maybe the deluge of information about supplements online has been overwhelming. After all, how can you know for sure what you need? How can you be certain you're always taking the best products in the best mix for your needs? It can be easy to get discouraged, but now there's an easy tool to take all the guess work out of picking your supplements.

ZYTO scan is an innovative device that uses a hand cradle to measure Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and compare your unique digital signature to those we already know correspond to various foods, supplements, organs, and systems. It's like a digital questionnaire for your body, answered by the GSR of your skin. Software then looks at the most pertinent information about your body and can help you make better decisions about your health. At last, you don't have to guess what might help with a particular problem, or worry that you're not adequately covering your bases with what you're taking. The ZYTO scan software will help you and Lora come up with the ideal plan for your goals.

Why wait? Get in touch with Lora today to set up a consultation and get your ZYTO scan. A scan is just $25, or get scanned free with your M'lis purchase.

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