October Product Spotlight: M'lis Detox Body Purifier

People rarely have just one narrow area of focus while they're trying to improve their wellness. When you're looking to improve multiple areas of your health, it helps to have a product that benefits a wide range of issues. M’lis Detox Body Purifier is just that. Its gentle, all-natural herbal ingredients help to cleanse your circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems. Detox encourages healthier skin, clearer breathing, happier moods, and increased energy, the most common areas of concern for most people.

What's inside to get these great results? Dandelion root prevents illness and fatigue by purifying the blood stream, cleansing the lymphatic system and strengthening the immune system. Sarsaparilla root softens the skin and relieves pain and swelling in joints while it aids in removal of toxins from the liver. Yellow dock root improves breathing and sinus clarity and revitalizes the skin. It also provides powerful relief for constipation and aids in defense against bacterial infections. Burdock root prevents painful urinary tract infections and ginger soothes inflamed skin and relieves stomach irritation.

With the broad scope of benefits available, Detox is a great addition to almost any wellness improvement plan. It can give you amazing benefits for less than a dollar a day. Your health is definitely worth it. Order online or stop in to pick up a bottle in person today.

M'lis at Lora's Boutique and Wellness
19 N Centennial St, Wishek, ND 58495
(701) 452-0116

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