Probiotics: Special Benefits for Women

The ads tell us they're in everything. Probiotics are available in multivitamins, yogurts, and in their own pills and liquids. There are different strains and types, too, beyond the dizzying array of packaging options. Just what are probiotics, and why are the helpful to our wellness goals?
“Probiotic” just means that something helps in the growth of bacteria. The term also applies to beneficial bacteria that are introduced into the body for their benefits to health. Beneficial bacteria naturally live in our bodies and help us with everything from digesting certain foods to maintaining the pH of some bodily systems. Bacteria from the Lactobacillus family are the most common in our bodies, and are vital for producing lactic acid in the body. Most runners are familiar with the nasty side of lactic acid, since it can build up and cause leg cramps during this type of strenuous activity, but it also provides protection to tissues and regulates their pH.

This benefit in particular is helpful to many women. In addition to supporting digestive health and aiding in processing nutrients from some foods, beneficial bacteria create the lactic acid that keeps the tissues of the vagina and the urinary tract slightly acidic. Yeast and harmful bacteria cannot easily live in this slightly acidic environment, so it helps to naturally keep their numbers under control. Making sure that you have enough beneficial bacteria can be a natural antidote to recurrent yeast infections and bacterial infections like bacterial vaginosis. Taking antibiotics not only kills the harmful bacteria causing problems, but also all the friendly bacteria in the body. Probiotics are especially vital during this time to restore balance in the body.

With the amazing number of options, how do you know what is best for your body and your health? M'lis Probiotic Synergized Acidophilus not only contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, but also ingredients selected to build on and maximize the benefits of the bacteria in your body. Barberry Root helps to build the immune system and prevent yeast overgrowth. Pau d'arco is a powerful anti-fungal herb. Golden Seal Root destroys bacteria and viruses and relieves inflammation and congestion. Garlic creates an atmosphere that prohibits bacteria and fungus. Zinc Citrate fights infection and stimulates the immune system. Licorice promotes the overall health of the gastrointestinal system. Rather than simply providing a strain of bacteria, M'lis Probiotic Synergized Acidophilus creates the best possible combination of ingredients to take the benefits to the next level. Whether you're looking to support digestive function, nutrition, or your urinary system, it all gives you a little extra boost.

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