It's Thanksgiving week. This Thursday, we gather with friends and family to share our gratitude for our blessings and our abundance. However, many of us are focusing on deprivation. Have you caught yourself thinking any of these?
"I can't have breakfast if I'm eating with the family."
"I can't have cranberries or pumpkin pie if I'm going to lose weight."
"This whole holiday is a stressful diet minefield and I'm going to end up eating a tiny salad while everyone else enjoys the feast."
NONE of these are accurate, and you don't have to approach this holiday worrying about depriving yourself and cutting out the fun. In fact, many of the tips you may have read that tell you to deprive yourself or skip meals only take you farther from your goals. This week's Deep Dive shows you how to navigate Thanksgiving WITH joy and all your favorite things and WITHOUT spending the entire time worrying about what you can't have. 
Watch it here.

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