Vitamin D: The Sunny Benefits

If there was a way to prevent not only osteoporosis and broken bones but also diabetes and cancer, you’d do it, right? Such a broad range of benefits for a cheap and easy action would definitely be worth the time and money. Adding a vitamin D supplement to your daily diet is this cheap and easy action. Vitamin D has often been referred to as “The Sunshine Vitamin” because our bodies naturally produce it during direct exposure to natural sunlight. Thanks to our indoor lifestyles and increased use of sunscreen products, though, most of us are not naturally producing the amounts that provide the best health benefits.

Deficiencies are very common in those with dark skin, infants, the elderly, and those living in colder climates. Vitamin D deficiency is seen in over 80% of all hip fracture patients, and supplementing just 800 IU per day in the elderly has been seen to reduce broken bones by 20% and reduce the instance of falls. It doesn’t just support the health of bones and teeth. Supplementing 1,200 IU per day in the 4 months of winter flu season was shown to reduce influenza infections by 40%. The results of supplementing vitamin D in preventing diabetes are even more impressive. Adding 2,000 IU per day for infants led to an 88% decrease in the risk of having Type I Diabetes by age 32. It has been linked to preventing cancer, supporting healthy pregnancy, and increased cardiac health. It really is a vital nutrient that is overlooked by many.

M’lis Vitamin D packages cholecalciferol (the most potent source of the vitamin) in a vegetarian-friendly soft gel, which makes it easy to digest and to absorb. It provides a more efficient and effective delivery of the nutrient than hard capsules that can cause upset stomach. Get in touch with Lora today to add M’lis Vitamin D to your routine and start seeing the amazing results today.

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