Wellness Maintenance

If you think about it, there's a phenomenon in cars that just shouldn't make any sense at all. If you're looking for a car and you find a basic sedan that's 12, 15, maybe 20 years old, most of them aren't worth much. They have lists of parts that need to be replaced but haven't been yet, and that's if they run at all. Then you look at the classic cars: Fairlanes, Packards, even Edsels that are in cherry condition, run fine, and are kept at a showroom shine. Many would be quick to say something trite like, “That's because they really built cars back then!” I think it comes down to something else.

Back in the day, if you had a car, it was a huge investment. You as an owner were expected to, and were motivated to know how the thing ran, what maintenance was needed and how often. It was common for people to do their own oil changes and basic maintenance. Now, many people own vehicles without understanding the basics of how they work, what they need to run well, and often, without attending to basic maintenance issues. There are many people who would honestly say, “I just drive it. I don't have a clue about all that other stuff.”

What does this have to do with wellness? Many people are doing the same thing with their bodies. Your body is a wondrously complex creation that needs maintenance and attention just as much as a car would. Unlike a car, though, you only get one body. You can't just reach a point and say, “Well, I didn't bother with the nutrition and the exercise that one needed and I blew out the heart and gut. Time to trade in for a newer model.” You need to take care of your body, every day. Proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements are how you maintain the working order of your body.

It can be intimidating to think about trying to find the best blend of diet and supplements for wellness. Obviously, we're not all doctors with a fine-tuned understanding of every body process. You don't need to be. There are plenty of resources available to get an insight into what your body needs. One of the best ways to see what your exact needs are and to match them up with the proper mix of diet and supplements is by seeing a professional. The ZYTO scan at Lora's Boutique and Wellness is a fast and simple way to check on your current needs and find the best M'lis products to fit your life. Make an appointment today to get started on your wellness journey. Your body isn't going to take care of itself. Wouldn't it be better to feel like your wellness was a classic Fairlane, still purring after 50+ years, than to feel like a broken-down Pinto? Get started today.

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