M'lis Buff Body Exfoliator

An all-natural body exfoliant for softer, more vibrant skin. M’lis BUFF, a stimulating enzymatic scrub, works to rejuvenate skin cells and remove dry, damaged skin.  Formulated as the ideal preparation product for the M’lis slimming Contour Wrap.

The Amazing Benefits Inside:

Ginseng Extract: Smoothes and nourishes the skin’s surface.

Chamomile Extract: Enhances vibrancy of the skin and prevents skin blemishes and irritation.

Menthol: A natural antiseptic that soothes the skin and enhances inch loss results.

Sesame Oil: Emollient oil with anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Lanolin: Hydrates dry skin.


Apply to the body three times weekly with or without water. May be applied to dry skin before showering, rubbing in circular motion from feet to shoulders, or use on wet skin in the shower for less intensity.

For a facial exfoliator, use M’lis Scrub.

*Also available for professional use prior to applying the Contour Cream. This synergistic formula activates the Contour Cream and Maintain Lotion for deeper penetration to achieve maximum inch loss.