M'lis Clay Facial Masque

This masque actively absorbs excess oils, refines texture and fights against acne and blackheads. Clay works as a poultice to the skin, which helps digest dead cells and imbedded impurities. Great for spot treatment or complete 30 minute masque.

The Amazing Benefits Inside:

Tissue Respiratory Factors:  Increase wound healing and reduces inflammation for resolving acneic conditions

Montreuil Green Clay:  Fights blemishes while deep cleaning individual pores

Bentonite:  Draws impurities out of the skin

Papain: Gives the skin a light exfoliation by loosening  the bonds that hold the keratin together

Tissue Repertory Factor:  Unlike other clay masks, TRF moisturizes the skin while letting the clay draw out impurities, excess oil and blemishes.