M'lis Scrub Facial Exfoliator

M'lis Scrub Facial Exfoliator

A mild menthol exfoliant that gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities, leaving a smoother, softer, more supple complexion.  Specialized rounded granules are buffered and suspended in a rich, creamy lotion of chamomile and ginseng to help the skin feel fresh and alive.

The Amazing Benefits Inside:

Gingseng Extract: Helps in oxygenation of the skin, aids in elasticity, diminishes wrinkles, and revitalizes and reactivates epidermal cells due to a high vitamin content

Chamomile Extract: Constricts capillary walls and fights inflammation while providing antiseptic properties

Plant-Derived Menthol: Is a natural antiseptic which cools the skin while stimulating blood