M'lis Vital Antioxidant Complex with Astaxanthin

M'lis Vital Antioxidant Complex with Astaxanthin

Formulated with cell-protecting and disease-preventing Astaxanthin, Vital is rich in antioxidants to protect against the negative effects of aging, especially in the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Helps to fight health and longevity-robbing free radical damage and helps the body utilize beauty-enhancing vitamins.

The Amazing Benefits Inside:

AstaxanthinHealth, immune, and energy-boosting super antioxidant that protects against UV light effects and oxidation of fatty acids

Vitamin C: Enhances the body’s resistance to short- and long-term disease

Gingko Biloba:  Promotes anxiety reduction by protecting the central nervous system and aids in preventing the negative effects of aging both inside and outside the body

Green Tea Extract: Helps fight against Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease with anti-carcinogenic polyphenols and EGCG