M'lis Yam Cream (DHEA/Yam Progesterone Cream)

M'lis Yam Cream (DHEA/Yam Progesterone Cream)

Help symptoms of hormonal imbalance that respond to progesterone such as: headaches, depression, mood swings, irritability, joint pain, constipation, breast tenderness, water retention, dry skin, hair loss, bloating, sleep disturbance, lethargy and low libido.

The Amazing Benefits Inside:

Wild Yam Cream: Progesterone precursor

DHEA: The most dominant hormone in the body

Progesterone: A precursor in the normal bio-synthetic pathway for estrogen

Anti-oxidants: Protect against oxidation and free radical damage



The hormone balancing cream is a trans-dermal skin supplement. It is absorbed quickly and is transported to areas of need. Apply 1/4 tsp. daily to a soft skin area of the body (neck, chest, stomach, or the inside of arms and thighs.) Rotate area of application for maximum results. For best results, combine with M’lis DHEA internal supplement.