M'lis Slender Aid Appetite Appeaser

M'lis Slender Aid Appetite Appeaser

Reducing hunger pangs while aiding in removing cellulite, Slender-Aid is the perfect complement to any weight management regimen or body cleanse. Especially effective at leveling out hunger spikes and cravings, while balancing blood sugar levels to prevent overeating, it helps to maintain energy throughout the day.

The Amazing Benefits Inside:

Chickweed Herb: Particularly useful in reducing excess fat

Parsley Herb: Strengthens immune system, tones muscles, helps to calm nerves

Rich in vital vitamins including Vitamin C,  B12, K, and A

Dandelion Root: Relieves constipation, soothes upset stomach, helps shed water weight, and detoxifies

Burdock Root: Great for blood sugar control

Helps the digestive system as a prebiotic that stimulates the growth and health of healthy bacteria in the gut