We all do it: the quick glance at the stranger in the grocery store or the look at the acquaintance we haven't seen in a while. “Wow. She looks great. I wonder what she did to make such a big change. I wonder how she does it.” Sometimes, we even start comparing ourselves to other people. It's easy to see a fit person while we're out and about or to run into an old friend and see her great weight loss or increased fitness and to start to look at ourselves a little critically. Maybe the scale has inched (or even jumped) a bit upward lately. Maybe that former energy level just isn't there anymore. She clearly has it and we'd like to get it back.

Comparisons can be detrimental. Getting down on ourselves because of how we don't look or how we don't have our former vigor doesn't help anyone. It's much better to use them as a motivating moment. Look at what you can do to change your situation and get what you want to have. Do you want to lose weight? Would more energy help you through your day? Are you worried about aging or about keeping your health in peak form? There are plenty of steps you can take no matter what your needs are.

How do you start? You need to set a goal and create a plan. This can be overwhelming, so a lot of people never get past this critical first step. Once you decide that you want to become healthier, leaner, and happier, wouldn't it be great if you had someone there to guide you through what you need to do to get to your goal? M'lis has a wide range of products for many goals (not just weight loss), and Lora can help you achieve your goals, no matter what area you're working on. Set up a consultation today and get started. Soon, you could be the one inspiring everyone around you to think, “I want what she has.”

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